"AJ Rider"
AJ Rider is a hot bottom boy with a legendary ass that's tattooed with a ring of fire around it. And it lives up to its hot tattoo, believe me. In Ace in the Hole, AJ takes cock after cock, fist after fist, a baseball bat, and cum load after cum load in his hot, hungry hole. Scenes with gargantuan dicks spewing cum loads into his flame-surrounded rose bud are some of the most erotic moments in porn. In Hand Tools, AJ does a 69 fisting scene with Boyhous that is over the fucking top, as is the rest of his performance. Check out his trailers. You will definitely like AJ. AJ Rider (James Aaron) gives new meaning to over the top in PISS BREAK, in which he and his incredibly talented hole were the focus of attention in a breed, seed, fuck, suck and fist fest.  All James had to do was lie down on the table and the men lined up for a piece of his legendary flaming asshole.  After being fucked, double fucked, fisted and pounded by a gigantic dildo on a reciprocating saw, he was fresh as a daisy and could have taken more.  Now that's a trooper.  
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