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Q - What kind of guys are you looking for?

A - We're looking for muscular or athletic, ruggedly handsome men with dirty nasty piggy attitudes; verbal; aggressive; aged 21-45. We love big dicks and hot butts. We work with both HIV+ and HIV- models. If you're not sure if you're what we're looking for, fill out our application and let us be the judge.

Q - Can I choose whom I work with?

A - Nope. Dick chooses his cast for any given video based on information you give us in your application. Dick puts together a sexual playground and lets you go for it. History shows that the initial heat generated when two or more hot men meet for the first time makes for an awesome scene. Trust Dick -- he'll find just the right guys for you.

Q - Do you use Ethnic guys?

A - Yes. Hot guys of all races and ethnic backgrounds are welcome and encouraged.

Q - I'm over thirty, is that too old?

A - Hell no! There's nothing hotter than a HOT DADDY!!! Just ask any hot boy.

Q - What about safe sex?

A - Dick believes in freedom of choice. Everyone is free to be himself in Dick's videos and to exercise the level of safety he wishes to.

Q - Do I have to arrange my own travel and lodging?

A - We arrange and pay for for all of your travel, lodging and expenses when you are with us. We will make every effort to work within your schedule.

Q - Do I need to submit pictures?

A - We ask for two very specific pictures in our application. You MUST submit those pictures and they must be recent. If you submit some lame body part, tiny, or unclear pictures that do not conform to our specifications, Dick will assume you cannot follow directions and your application will not be considered.

Q - How much will I be paid?

A - We pay you well. We have a scale for beginners and another scale for established porn stars. If you give us a star performance, you get paid like a super star.

Q - Can I wear a mask?

A - No, unless you look like a Greek god. Viewers want to see facial expressions.



Please fill out ALL sections of the application and attach the 3 REQUIRED pics. All models will be interviewed on Skype, FaceTime, or in person in San Diego.

Personal info

Full legal name
E-mail address
Verify E-mail address
Phone number and best time to call
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code
Existing Stage Name (if any)
Date of Birth
Skype identity
FaceTime number

Physical info

Cock length
Cock girth (distance around)

Work info

Airports we can fly you out of
Days of the week you can work
Advance notice you require

Prior experience in video, as escort, stripper (If so, video company/title):

Sexual info

Fucking bareback
External watersports
Cum Play
Drinking piss
Cum loads
Piss enemas
Fisting with glove
Verbal abuse

Describe how verbal you are:

Special sexual talents and interests:


Your pics are extremely important. They are the primary factor we use to determine your suitability for work and how well you follow directions. Therefore, you must submit the EXACT shots we ask for. Your pics don't have to be professional, only clear and at least 3" x 5". Cell phone and mirror shots are OK as long as they are clear. Pics must also be no more than 1 month old.


1) Naked, full body frontal shot with hard-on
2) Naked, full body shot from behind showing ass
3) Close-up of face without glasses
4) Naked, full body frontal shot holding a piece of paper with today's date clearly written on it. The paper must not cover up any part of your body.