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SOLD OUT!  Joyrider
SOLD OUT! Joyrider

THE Ultimate Sex Machine!!!

I fuckin' LOVE this chair. I've been using it in my videos and in my dungeon since 1997.

This is one damn durable piece of hardware. I still have my original Joyrider. It's been pissed on in videos and at Wet 'n Hot by hundreds of guys daily, dropped from a pickup truck, ridden by some damn big muscle boys for countless hours, and it's still tight as a virgin hole and rust free.

MORE ROOM TO RIM! The Joyrider is made for eating manhole. The boy spreads his hole open and plants it on the seat, which holds those cheeks W I D E apart for maximum tongue penetration and incredible sensations. The boy can grab onto the handles and ride the spring loaded seat on yer tongue for as long as you can stand it. The Joyrider comes with four 18" long legs, so the boy is ridin' high, because we know how aggressive boys can get when they're havin' a good time and we don't want him to chip yer teeth with the damn seat.

Once you get the boy's hole all warmed up, you can lower the seat with the Joyrider-to-Lowrider conversion kit (The conversion kit is included), lie down under the seat and let the boy ride yer big fuckin' bone for hours. Just kick back and let the boy do the work for a change...that's MY kind o' scene.

DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION: This baby is made from 1/2" steel pipe that's handsomely clad in thick black rubber and power torqued into silver trimmed iron fittings to make it solid and strong. The springs are made for maximum strength and flexibility. There's nothing like it anywhere.

Made from strong steel and springs, it's portable too. Assembles and disassembles in seconds for easy storage under the bed or in a closet. CLICK PICTURE ABOVE FOR DETAILED INFO AND TO ORDER.

No dungeon is complete without one!
only $380.00
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