" Titpig"
Titpig is totally legendary. The epitome of the cigar smokin', hairy, swarthy, hypermasculine, all American male, Titpig is always at the center of the action. Though Titpig is usually on top, he is totally versatile. He loves to eat ass, fuck it, eat cum out of it, fist it, piss in it, suck piss from it, and have his ass used as well. He loves cock: sucking it, sucking piss out of it, sucking cum out of it, having it up his ass and down his throat, and having his hot, PA'd cock down a hungry throat or in a hungry ass, pissing and cumming. Titpig also gets off on fisting; deep, long, hard or languid. His specialty is nip play. Titpig loves to have his wired nips worked and can make any man cum just by manipulating his nips. Titpig can be hard driving or tender, top or bottom, but he is never quiet or passive. He's definitely a joiner, not a loner. And he's always on top of his game.
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