"Bobby Blake"
There probably isn't a man here who doesn't know who the infamous Bobby Blake, biggest name in black porn history, is. Bobby is as big as his name. He's as big as a fucking house. And he has an ego and personality to match. You don't spit into the wind and you don't fuck with Bobby Blake, as some unfortunate white supremacist pigs learned the hard way in Niggas' Revenge. Two of them were knocked out cold, for real, on the set. The action was that brutal and hot! Bobby is all muscle with a 12 inch cock, baritone voice and commanding presence that stops everyone dead in their tracks. Bobby has talked candidly about his life in porn on every major talk show and his book, MY LIFE IN PORN, is a must read. Bobby made his final porn video, Niggas' Revenge, with Dick Wadd, because he wanted to pull out all the stops. And we did!
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